Author Topic: Beat traffic with Bus and Coach Travel  (Read 13388 times)


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Beat traffic with Bus and Coach Travel
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2014, 03:46:26 PM »
Beat traffic with Bus and Coach Travel

Thankfully, the old days of uncomfortable and unpleasant bus and coach travel have largely gone by the wayside. These days, if youre planning travel in either form, both the roads and the transport available to traverse them with have significantly improved in terms of comfort and amenities.

Of course, with the low prices these forms of travel offer, it can be hard to save a few pennies, but its not impossible. Both bus and coach travel usually offer seasonal and regional discounts, which is perhaps the best way to save money. Also, a proper coach will usually provide drinks and snacks to passengers, and stop off along the way so that passengers can grab a bite to eat.  Packing a lunch instead of paying for roadside food is another place you can save a little money too.

That said, perhaps the largest area people who regularly travel by bus or coach tend to overlook when saving money is that of proper planning. Due to the number of passengers served, these forms of transportation usually adhere to rigid schedules. Being late or missing the bus can be very costly if it ends up costing cab fare to make up the difference. Therefore its always a good idea to avoid taking the late bus or coach when connecting stops.

Share your tips with us below. Wed love to hear from you, especially if it means well be able to save a little more the next time were taking a bus or coach.


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