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Money Saving Along the Highways
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Money Saving Along the Highways

If you can manage to avoid traffic, or at least avoid the worst of it, then thereís really nothing quite like the open road. This is especially true once you get out of the city, as the UKís got her fair share of lovely, particularly if youíre motoring, and even more so if youíve saved money along the way.

To do that, itís important to map your travel routes, and plan when and where youíll be stopping along the way for supplies or other necessities. If youíll be long in any one place, or stopping off to picnic, then youíll need to consider those options as well.

A little bread from your local shop, along with some spread, or a wheel of cheese, and perhaps a few sausages can make a lovely meal at a picnic stop or roadside venue. There are of course roadside cafes and motorway eateries, but these are likely to be priced way over the top and definitely be on the more expensive side of the equation.

Pack a big flask of tea or coffee too, and don't forget the little ones - plenty of water and juices to keep them hydrated and happy!

By preparing things in advance, you wonít need to stop as long or as often. That means youíll be able to just enjoy your motoring, driving sedately and saving fuel and wear and tear as you do, whereas rushed and manic driving will use more fuel and of course expose you to more risk.

Once youíve arrived at any planned stops, proper planning means that you'll be able to spend more time there too. Since youíll have packed your own kit from home, there wonít be any need to worry over the higher prices roadside shops generally have over the discount markets you can find at home.

Happy Travels!

What about you? Are there any tips or tricks you can share with us for saving while motoring?


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